Florham Park Historic 

Preservation Commission

~~Florham Park began as a rural settlement with a long history of farming. During the twentieth century, it rapidly transformed into a modern suburban municipality.

It has continually faced both the benefits and challenges of development. One byproduct of these significant development changes is that much of Florham Park’s historic building fabric has been lost due to residential, business and industrial development.

One building that witnessed each phase of the town’s evolution from rural village to modern suburb is the Little Red Schoolhouse, which has sat at the “crossroads” of Florham Park since the borough’s time as little more than two connecting dirt roads.

Today the schoolhouse has current status along the borough’s “main street,” which is now fully developed with businesses and heavy traffic. the schoolhouse has remained a symbol of the borough’s history throughout its various changes, and its history as a classic example of an early American schoolhouse .